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Best Residential Proxies

Masking your IP address can be useful in surfing and gathering information from search and websites. I am an excellent technique for accessing blocked content through bypassing anti-bot systems implemented by search engines and other online services. Before going to the deep dig into Residential Proxies, here are several ways to do the jobs.

Residential Proxy/IP

Generally, ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to the client. These addresses are visible in the regional internet registries. Companies like Infatica use such Internet Protocol addresses to make the request of internet user indistinguishable from those generated by local users.

Data Center Proxy:ISP does not provide this type of proxies. Hosting providers generally offer this Data Center Proxy to its hosting buyer.

Shared Proxy: In this case, multiple users can use a proxy at the same time. Data centers may offer These proxies, but ISPs are also providing this technology to their users.

Best Residential Proxies

Dedicated proxies

Best Residential Proxies It is opposite to Shared Proxy. Private Proxies are assigned or dedicated to only one user. Users can purchase such Proxy from ISPs, Hosting Service providers, or VPN sellers.

All these options are not perfect enough. They have both pros and cons. But I, on behalf of companies, often adhere to Residential Proxies. Such proxies deliver real IP addresses of ISPs from different locations (like countries, states, and cities). As a result, when a person tries to establish a connection with a party, it appears that the real person is trying to communicate. Then, websites or other online services will not block a request from a prospective user and buyer.

The use of this proxy leads to many opportunities for businesses. So, let dig something more in-depth into the usage of Residential Proxies.

Why do companies need a proxy?

According to Distil Network, up to 40% of all web traffic on the Internet is not human-generated. So, companies have a significant concern about fighting against bots.

An important fact is that all bots are not “good” like Search Engine Crawlers. Companies or people use bots to gather information or competitive intelligence. On the other hand, many companies are trying to block them.

By 2017, of that total of 40% of bot-based traffic, about 21.80% were considered “bad.” And the site owners were trying to ban them.

So why would a company want to bypass the implicit lock on another company? Collection of actual information from competitors’ websitesOne of the most valid reasons for the usage of residential proxies is its competitive intelligence. Today it is easy to keep track of data center proxies and block requests generated through such tools. Popular streaming services like NETFLIX, Amazon, or Hulu block IP addresses belonging to providers.

Though, the residential proxy request looks like sent by an actual person. If a business needs to send multiple offers, it needs to sending request IP addresses with various locations of country and city and local ISPs.

Trademark Safeguard (Residential Proxies)

Residential Proxy technology plays a vital role in brand protection and fights against counterfeiters. For example, drug makers such as Viagra might want to fight the sellers of fake generic alternatives.

Such sellers typically restrict access to their website from countries located in the actual manufacturer’s offices. It makes them more challenging to identify and take legal action against counterfeiters. A business needs Residential Proxies because it can obtain an IP address from the same country where the spoofed website resides and collect information.

Software testing and performance monitoring

Residential proxies help to test new features for websites and mobile applications. So, developers can measure how their software works for users in different locations. Residential IP addresses are useful for testing the behavior of the software in a high load case. 

Also, this technology is a blessing for measuring success. Global or international companies want to understand the speed of their website from a particular country. The use of residential proxy/IP addresses helps to obtain relevant information.

Marketing and advertising optimization

Testing your ad campaigns is crucial to ensure maximum results. If a company wants to see their online ads look, they have to do it using residential proxies. In search results, users from a specific location can display ads or not.

Additionally, the usage of residential proxies helps to assess the effectiveness of local search engine optimization efforts. It helps to know whether the website reaches the top of the rankings for specific search queries or not. Even it can help to monitor its ranking changes over time.

Search engines do not like someone collecting data using their infrastructure. Therefore, these businesses deploy their resources to develop anti-bot systems. Their only goal is to craft it hard to collect data right away from search.

If we make multiple search requests using residential proxies, it shows that genuine people from various places are looking for something. But search engines always give access to the actual users. In this case, Residential proxy is outstanding for search engine data compilation.

It is also perfect for tracking and analyzing competitors’ data, like marketing behaviors and strategies. Both internal marketing and external marketing teams and advertising agencies use this technology.

Content aggregation(Best Residential Proxy)

In the Big Data era, many companies rely on aggregating information from multiple sources. They are also eager to display the combined view on their platforms. Such services must use residential proxies to maintain their aggregated content databases. Without this tool, it would be challenging to keep up-to-date data even if you want to collect the prices of a particular type of goods on different e-commerce websites. Such sites are banning these activities at the risk that requests from the company are too high.

For example, A company wants to create a regularly updated comparison table of vacuum cleaner prices on 20 different websites. In this case, the company will need a bot that visits the corresponding pages and corrects them. Anti-bot systems will likely block such requests, but the residential proxy will help avoid such data protection mechanisms.

On-demand data collection and analysis

In recent years, companies are professionally involved in collecting and analyzing data on demand. Services like PromptCloud develop software trackers that browse the web to gather information suitable for pre-defined profiles. They use this data for marketing, sales, or competitive intelligence purposes.

These trackers often face spam filters and blocks, and residential servers can solve their tasks successfully.

Findings (Best Residential Proxies)

The power to reproduce requests from an actual user with a real, local IP address is advantageous for a business. Businesses often use this technology to collect data, conduct tests, access different web resources, etc.