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Finding an IP Address Is Easy

An Internet protocol, or IP, address is a common piece of information that identifies people and devices on the internet.

Still, there are many users online who have no idea how to find their own IP addresses or those of sites they connect to.

How to go about finding your IP address

Your IP address is available to any server you connect to. That request contains your IP address. This is why it is very easy for us (or any site owner) to find your IP address.

To see your IP address, visit https://smartproxy.com/what-is-my-ip – those four numbers (or alphanumerical strings) are your IP address. If you are using a proxy server, the page will detect your proxy’s address. Use it to check when your proxy service will set up properly.

Hiding your IP address with a proxy

There are many dangerous things someone can do with your IP address. This is why many tech experts recommend hiding your IP address from outsiders. You can do this with an anonymous proxy to protect your identity, location, and other sensitive data.

ip address lookup

Anonymous proxies are some of the safest types of proxies, because they never send your true IP address with any connection request, unlike transparent proxies, for example.

We have a range of topics covering the various types of proxies, including the highest quality residential proxies, or the marginally unsafe transparent proxies that are used on public Wi-Fi networks.

Finding an IP address of a website

Every website is hosted on a server. That server has at least one IP address. To find that IP address, you have to take the following steps:

Find IP of a website on Windows:

  • Run Command Prompt
  • Enter command “tracert [website address]”

Find IP of a website on a Mac:

  • Run Terminal
  • Enter command “traceroute [website address]

This is why they use a reverse proxy – it mediates all incoming connections and protects the real servers’ information. Reverse proxies help servers protect themselves from attacks, just as forward proxies protect you by hiding your IP address.